Sports Massage is a proven method of relieving pain and facilitating movement, improving performance in your specialised field whether track or office. It maintains the health of the muscles and attachments and so can reduce the risk of injury during exercise and even during your daily physical demands.
Whatever you do, you can expect a tailor made session every time.
See news page and read about the exciting use of Hot Stones to enhance your massage.

The English Institute of Sport describes soft tissue therapy ‘as a specialty in its own right’ *(EIS) nearly every elite sports team in the UK rely on sports massage to optimise performance and aid recovery from injury.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What exactly is Sports Massage?
Sports massage is a purposeful massage technique that deals directly with the body’s soft tissue.

It utilises such techniques as MET (muscle energy technique), STR (Soft Tissue Release) and NMT (neuromuscular technique). Read more...

What are your charges?
The initial 1hr consultation is £40 and will involve me taking a full case history and a postural assessment. Read more...